Quest for a Spiritual Life

There seems to be a great fascination with time travel in our popular culture. From the memorial Back to the Future and Terminator series to the recent family movies Free Birds and Alice Through the Looking Glass, we seem to have an innate desire to be involved in the whole picture (of history). Although this type of time travel is indeed unachievable by finite human beings, we can yet do our best to do so conceptually. Continue reading Quest for a Spiritual Life


Identity “in Christ”

I have worked a decade as an engineer and as a scientist, which I believe is a predictable result based on the fact that God made me into a very logically-oriented person intrigued with how things work and excellent at math-infested subjects. If, however, God were to take me from this field (as He has before, and as He is doing again now), I would in fact be no lesser of the person God made me than who I am currently. Continue reading Identity “in Christ”